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There are really 3 marketing strategies that you want to make sure that you’re effectively tapped into if you want to have a well rounded marketing campaign for the industry of artificial turf.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization for artificial turf is very similar to other local businesses.

Your search terms that you want to focus are going to be around the following variations:

Artificial, Synthetic & Fake
Turf, Grass, Lawn
City & State

So… For a Las Vegas, NV fake grass company, a FEW of the keywords would include:

Synthetic Turf Nevada
Artificial Grass Las Vegas
Fake Grass Las Vegas
Vegas Fake Grass
Fake Turf in Las Vegas, NV

We always want to double check so we’re going to pull up the term Artificial Turf Las Vegas and see what we find:

We also want to throw LV Turf into Ahrefs and find out more about what keywords are bringing them a lot of traffic because we know they are doing VERY well. A key to a strong marketing campaign is to NEVER guess and ALWAYS know by checking.

So we see that they’re doing very well! We know they’re getting a ton of customers not only through the organic search (SEO) but also because of their Google My Business.

So we want to run the final check and make sure we know ALL the keywords they are using and find any gems they’re also ranking for!

And WOW. Look at what we found… A lot of artificial turf companies are starting to do a lot of putting greens for houses as well! How could we have forgotten?

This is a very simple and effective process to make sure that you’ve got a list of ALL the keywords you want to target so we can make sure we’re not leaving any pieces of the pie out on our marketing campaigns. SEO is a very simple way to get A LOT of customers every month. We also focus on white hat strategies that are going to give us long term success instead of a pause/stop button that ends immediately after we stop paying.

Note: This is a very shortened version of what needs to be done. Make sure you’re consistently giving Google what they ask for by creating GEO relevancy. Make sure you’ve got a solid base structure (business citations, social profiles, press release, Google stacks, Local social signals, etc…).

These are the processes that we implement for SEO and we are dominating the SERP’s. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a strategy session so that we can sit down and make a plan to dominate your competitors!

2. Google My Business

Google my business is directly affected by the SERP and the organic SEO efforts. Once we have created GEO relevancy for our clients, they are seeing MASSIVE growth in the GMB as well.

The GMB is a very unique platform because there really is not that much knowledge about it online and it’s constantly changing.

There are many things you can do to your actual GMB to see increases in rankings and traffic.

A few of those are:

Local Places, GEO Tagged Photos, Google Stacking Photos, Driving Directions, and much more…

These things all enable Google to trust you a lot more.

It’s a very important thing to note that our clients are seeing MASSIVE amounts of clicks through their Google My Business profile.

3. Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is probably the most under rated asset to local business owners. You can create a standard advertisement based on location, age, gender, language, and much more…. Doing this allows you to really get a custom audience for your advertising campaigns.

Facebook advertising is something that you have to be committed to and willing to invest $$$ to test until you find highly profitable campaigns. Tests must be high enough volume to have a true and honest comparison to the other tests.

Facebook Re-targeting is the other advertising option with Facebook. Re-targeting is one of the most profitable things that a business can do. You’re targeting people who have previously visited your site which almost guarantees they are interested buyers!

We HIGHLY recommend ALL of our clients to do re-targeting especially if you’re doing Google Adwords and SEO!

Facebook advertising in the space for artificial turf is very easy to do as well. You want to make sure your audience includes home owners that are looking for landscaping options!

4. Google Adwords

The Google Adwords campaigns for Artificial Turf is incredibly rewarding because you’re paying very little for the right clicks. The problem is that most companies don’t know what keywords to target.

Google Adwords are very different from SEO because Google allows you to target a location with your campaign. This means that you’ll be able to target “Artificial Turf” and terms similar without the location because the location is already being targeted because Google tags each users location.

Now… SEO is changing more towards that every day so if you’re not incognito, your results could be slightly adjusted by Google tagging you but it’s NOTHING compared to Adwords ability to target locations.

That being said, our best campaigns are using all of these efforts simultaneously and they’re CRUSHING it.

Contact us today to schedule a strategy session and learn about what we can do for you!

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