Our strategy session process was created to give businesses a chance to sit down with us on a 1 on 1 sitting to determine whether or not we are a good fit to work together.

The process is as follows:

1. Analyze your business

The goal of this is to understand your goals. In order to effectively proceed with your marketing campaigns, we need to first understand what your goals are.

Every business is going to have a completely different execution plan when it comes to doing their marketing campaign with us here at Timpson Marketing.

A few very important factors that need to be stated are the locations you wish to target, the future of your business, the services you wish to target, the number of leads you can handle each day/week/month & the budget you’ve got to invest in marketing.

2. Analyze your competitors

This is where we really stand out as a marketing company. We understand exactly what it takes to rank because we’ve done it countless times. With the knowledge that we have, there are 2 things that we want to look at to understand the strength of your competition.

The first thing that we want to look at is the backlink profile. In analyzing your competition, we always look at the competitors from Google’s perspective to fully understand why they are doing well. For this reason, you want to analyze the competitors that are ranking the best for your main keywords on the first page. The things that you want to look at and keep note of are # of keywords ranking for, locations targeting & ranking for, referring domains, quality of links, topical relevancy & location relevancy.

The 2nd thing that is extremely important is to look at is the anchor text. You must do a great job of matching the anchor text of the top 3-5 competitors. It’s very important to Google that the top players all “Fit in” and none of them “stand out”. For this reason, we want to analyze the anchor text distribution and try to match it as well as we can. As a general rule, you don’t want your money keywords to be above 5%. Many of the websites that we analyze are way over-optimized for the main keywords and for that reason, it’s very difficult for them to rank well organically.

We also want to look at the Google My Business rankings and review the ad-spend they have for paid ads. We can review the keywords they’re targeting to understand the investment they are putting into it.

3. Producing an Execution Plan

The final thing that we need to do is produce an execution plan to make sure that you are doing better than your competitors in every single category. The categories include conversion rate optimization, click through rate, conversion rate, organic traffic, time spent on page, organic keywords, Google My Business, paid ads, site speed & bounce rate.

All of these are extremely important to the process of having a successful marketing campaign.

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