The website audit is a video audit that we do for customers to show them what they need to do to out-rank their competitors and take over the market.

The value of this audit is not comparable to anything that our prospects have seen. Here are a few quotes from some people who have recently received website audits for their business website:

“I did like your video very much and will watch it again.”

“It was refreshing to hear from someone who has obviously put a lot of thought into this and knows what they’re talking about. I agree with almost everything you pointed out in the video. There are a couple of points where I’m not completely convinced, but that doesn’t mean I’m right. “

“Thanks so much for this. Honestly, I get these emails all the time, but your video is the first one that has given me pause to stop and listen. So thanks for that. I am interested”

As you can see, they are unique and personal to your website and your needs. The main focus that we have is on organic search results but we also do Facebook advertising and Google advertising as well!

Schedule a website audit now! We charge $400 for a website audit. Once we’ve received the Paypal payment or physical check, we will add it to the queue and have it sent to you within 3 business days.

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